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I am moving to New Zealand

So I am going to be moving to New Zealand soon. It seems like a great choice to move to somewhere different, not the USA with its drama and lame politics, and a place where its westernized but still its own easy life self. Plus it just would be nice to live in another country for a while and gain some experiences so it has been decided! I leave in 2 weeks.

HAHA APRIL FOOLS (Although its actually not a bad idea…)

Ah it is April Fool’s day… one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t get to crazy with my own pranks rather i enjoy watching a lot of the pranks that get activated when this day comes around. It is always so entertaining to see what creative new pranks people come up with. Some are just brilliant and others are just mean and of course there are those that aren’t really pranks at all but rather just physical harm. Now I also enjoy going to companies we sites and see what interesting lies they come up with. I always enjoy ThinkGeek.com for some of their funny new and fake products that you wish were real. Also NPR, WTOP, and other news websites like to joke around to. I really think this is great and that these companies do this. Humor is the best medicine and really gets people to join in and have fun, if companies do this I really think that people will enjoy doing business with them after all even Sheldon Cooper likes to laugh and joke.

Anyways I have found a nice little video to help somewhat if at all explain the origins of All Fools Day. Along with it is a classic Simpsons April Fools Prank that is just so funny. O and there is this great top 10 pranks also some like the soda bottle one are great but others are just of someone throwing a ball at someone which i don’t find to be in the real nature of April Fools Day. So I hope everyone enjoys today, I know I will, and be sure to have plenty of bandaids ready for those violent friends of yours because you just might be their target. I also would love to hear what pranks you pulled today so leave a comment!


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