History, Reflection

100 Years Ago

Today is April 15th and it is the 100th anniversary of the mighty RMS Titanic‘s maiden and last voyage. This is know as one of the worst disasters in history in which 1,517 souls would never be seen again. Many things contributed to this high number of losses from a low number of life boats, to poor evacuation routes, no evening communications, and poor leadership. Many refer to the Titanic when discussing major disaster of something such as a project or idea. Personally this was a great loss of life but with out it many of the safety regulations in place would be laxed or none existent. Just recently the Costa Concordia struck a rock and began to sink due to negligence from her Captain and staff. Even though 32 people perished in this accident many of the safety regulations and advances in technology helped over 4000 passengers and crew get off safely. I visited the National Geographic Museum and the Titanic Memorial in DC just recently to see what exhibits and tributes were on display. It is very interesting to see how this disaster occurred and was handled and then compare it to more current accidents. If you can I recommend going to see the exhibits and memorial for your self how ever I do have a few pictures posted below for you to see. The sinking of the Titanic will always be known as a horrible event but some good does come from these tragedies and thankfully we do learn from others grand mistakes.

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