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Today we are all Hokies!

Five years ago today was a very tragic and disturbing massacre at Virginia Tech in which 32 people died from a gunman. I remember it like it was yesterday because I was down there visiting some friends that weekend and was on my way back to stop at Mary Baldwin before heading back to DC. I heard it come over the radio and also saw swarms of police driving down I-81 towards Blacksburg that morning. My best friend Ahmed also happened to be down there that weekend as well and had just left before the first shots. It was very chaotic  and scary as to what was happening and wondering if my friends were ok and safe. I turned around and sped back to VT and checked in with some of my friends. Ultimately I brought a few back with me to DC to be with their families. I know I was not there and did not have for fear for my life but I feared for all the people I had grown up with from TC and wanted to make sure they were ok. Even after five years there are lawsuits and more investigations going on about what Virginia Tech could have done differently.

All I know is that my friends are safe and alive and that it was a crazy person that put them into harms way. For those who have passed we remember and today we are all Hokies.



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