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So last December was the last time I logged in to play WoW. Between the guild being a complete mess, to me having to move back to DC with shitty internet, and to if you don’t raid then there is little for one to do since building a core raiding group is hard as hell and people want to look after themselves; I decided it was time to stop. I had been playing Trigne since vanilla (for you all that don’t know the terms it means from the original with no expansion packs) and have collected many different achievements and feats of strengths over the years. It kinda sucks though if you miss an event then its kinda hard to keep on playing if your trying to collect them all.

Also another side of it is just finding people to play with and everything. There are to many trolls (people that like to screw around and disrupt play) and people don’t really want to join a new guild to do older and new raids. Its a really tricky thing and I can really see why many people are leaving the game. I might still pick up the expansion pack and play for a month just to see the new places and all but that is probably gonna be it until I can find some friends to seriously play with because it is a fun game and all but requires company now-a-days. I am forsure picking up the new Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm once they are out.

In the mean time I have switched gears and gone on to another MMORPG. Star Wars the Old Republic (TOR) is pretty much Knights of the Old Republic (Kotor) and WoW mashed together. Like Kotor you build your character and progress thru the light side or dark side and with different classes and jobs to chose from. Personally Trigne has always been a healer but I am very familiar with the Tanking and DPS duties and rotations on WoW so I built a Tank. In TOR however tanking is very different when your class is a Republic Trooper… You attack and hold the aggro via ranged attacks which is pretty cool and gives me some running around room. Also having an NPC companion helps big time since now I have a healer always with me I can take on some harder challenges. I might build a Jedi next but for the mean time I am still leveling Juho as a Vangaurd Trooper and I am loving it. ofcourse there could be a few changes and things but for the most part its going to have a very long legacy just like WoW in my opinion.

If anyone would like to join me on either game please let me know however TOR will be my go to game for now (when I have time to play that is.)

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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