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Legos the toy that one can never grow to old to enjoy. I grew up with Legos and have many fond memories with them. My favorite sets were always the construction and city sets. I used to get a few sets for Christmas which was all I really needed. One birthday I remember getting my first really large set which was a police station and I was so proud of myself when I finished it alone. Many years ago my family also visited Legoland which was really cool to see all the designs  and large models they build. There were also times when I would use my legos to complement my train set. O-gauge Lionel trains are just the perfect size for legos and really add to the feel of the train sets I was growing up with. It wasn’t till I was older did Lego come out with its own train sets but still I believe using Lionel trains are a good match just incase you want to play with both. I still love to go look at legos to see what designs they have come up with such as the new R2-D2 that is a great size and has all of these little features to really bring it home for the collectors.

Legos are the toy that I would describe as the perfect toy; they can bring out ones creative skills, get ones brain to think in a three dimension, allow for follow up toys to be added along with and used. Such a simple little block can make one build grand things which makes you think of the building blocks of life I guess since with Legos you can build anything your mind comes up with and make it wonderful. Legos as art is a grand idea and I personally still like to go pick up the occasional set just to take some time and build something cool like the X-wing or an eighteen-wheeler. Anyways Legos are the one toy that will never die and I know I am going to get my children plenty of sets when they grow up.


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