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The Future is Now!

Today marks the first commercial round trip cargo mission to the international space station. SpaceX’s Dragon capsule is a cargo unit that resupplied and recovered experiments and other goods from the International Space Station. This is another step in the right direction. Just recently NASA halted the use of the shuttle program and opened the doors for private companies to take over. There are many companies that are emerging such as SpaceX with cargo transport, Virgin trying to start passenger trips, and Planetary Resources beginning to start asteroid mining (this can also help protect us from Extinction Events from rouge asteroids.)

I am very excited for the direction these companies are headed and now that actual missions are being successful it leads the way for our solar system to open up. I am most intrigued by the work Planetary Resources is taking by looking to the raw materials that flood our system to bring new materials to Earth. I would love t work for this company one day and I am setting my goals for this direction in which new elements and plenty of raw materials can be brought safely to Earth.

The way everything is leading shows that one day we will have colonies and even a mass fleet in our system aiming for the next system. Humans are explorers and space is the next stop and to know I maybe able to see this come into reality is something I am looking forward to as a Human. There is so much more that could be said but I will end with this, we are the Human race and it is about time we start looking at everything as a single race and working for the betterment of our world and every single persons actions can lead to this. Space will bring us together as one race.


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