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Diamond Jubilee

It is the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen Elisabeth the second. It is a great time for the monarchy the United Kingdom and really shows the good and the powerful relationship that having a monarch can provide. Think about it, having a leader for 60 long years that is a wealth of experience and knowledge of how to handle the good times and the bad and how to lead a country and make it’s people show patriotism for their country and queen. In America we have presidents normally four years, eight years if you are lucky but after that time the experience is gone the knowledge is gone and the resolve is gone. As Americans we say that being able to rebuild and remake ourselves is a good thing in some aspects yes however just running for office for political gain making no real strives in betterment for life. Making new and historic changes is a major drawback.


If we look back in my opinion the last few great presidents are Eisenhower and Kennedy. Since then none have accomplished any real major change for the people. Eisenhower brought jobs and labor, creating the interstate system and uniting us and Kennedy brought us together not looking at the color of our skin but as one whole human race. These were the last to great leaders since then complains and terms of office have only lead the issues of taxes, jobs, and money; three things that have never really changed or made a difference in this country. Things always get more expensive and those with the money will always have some sort of power however having the monarch really changes things it is one person in power and in correlation of the prime minister of other countries and Commonwealth things get done in name of the Queen. The ability to be a solid figure and to be so popular through some of the darkest times is a real testament to her power and ability to connect one-on-one with others giving everybody their own personal sense and opinion of the Queen. Americans look at the republic and say it’s great to be an American, we are so blessed, and we are so lucky, it is true with many Third World countries in the world. With many other countries being in turmoil and poverty having and experienced and loved leader can change the realm.


With people knowing the queen is going to rule and she is done an amazing job she’s been able to bring peace and to heal broken wounds. One of her recent trips was dialing where she attempted to bring some peace since the uprisings and rebellion with Australia Canada and many others going for the republic.Tthey still hold the queen and crown in such high regards maybe not as soul head of state but in recognition that without England without the past kings and queens things would be very different. In my opinion the monarchy is a good thing it has been a source of stability leadership knowledge and strength over the many vast wars and trials and tribulations that it’s over 2 billion people have seen. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate democracy I love that the voice of the people can be heard in the certain situations however many will also argue that the monarchy has been able to look after its people and be able to be for the good unlike an angry and brutal dictatorship in which millions of people are killed but rather a mother looking after her children saying know what it needs to be said, no spoiling, and being able to hold them when they are hurt. This is the grace of the queen and it’s one of the many reasons why we hold the monarchy in such high regard just like any other family they have their problems they have their distinguishing features and events one of which is the death of Princess Diana. Personally now that I am of a mature age I can love look back and analyze what was happening with the queen was not just some president whom must make a speech when somebody famous dies but rather it’s a mother a grandmother looking after her grandchildren when the death of their mother happens and in that it changes everything is gone from being some celebrity who will burn for short time and have some tragic event and never be heard from again. The royal family will always be there, house of Windsor always be known in its most basic form as a family and as a mother taking care of her kids.

Many Americans understand or look at the monarchy in such high regard but I’ll truly come to appreciate the many differences and the many powers and jobs that the Queen holds from being the leader of the church and meeting with the pope to being the commander in times of war and to being the woman who is the Christmas Day greetings and to being the one whom chivalry and knighthood still hold a place of honor. In conclusion with people wanting the republic and the world headed in the path right now all I have a say in what happens in the world the royal family will be there. God bless the Queen under 60 years of reign and many more to come because they have been some of the bravest and most true forms of the British Empire and its people.


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