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So here is the grand question in entertainment, why do great shows get canceled and crap shows stick around?
Well here is what I see from all of this, people love drama! Crap reality shows such as “jersey shore” and “16 and pregnant” reminds the viewers of how good their lives are and they can enjoy in the drama and fighting. Human nature is raw and selfish and these shows are actually very basic but because of the stories they provide a sense of betterment for the viewer. This means that the viewer wants to actually sit down and tune into the show for the next story.

Some great shows such as firefly, trauma, Jericho, terra nova, and many more have faded quickly due to rating. A show should be left on the air not just from rating but to give it a chance to evolve and let the story come to light. With there being thousands of channels the population has a harder time to stick with one channel. Also with the world becoming more 24/7 the time people have to watch changes and normal hours of broadcasts need to be revised. Many people also watch shows online and don’t find out about a show for many weeks or even not unroll the first season has been released.

So here is my solution, a network needs to be more careful about what shows they green light and not to flood the market with the same types of shows aka cop shows or different versions or csi or ER. Next they need to allow the show to be on the air for three seasons atleast. This gives the audience time to get into the show and will pay off in the long run with multiple purchases. People don’t like to buy just one season of something because they will get hooked or enjoy it a lot but have it come to a sudden end. Finally a net work needs to get with the times and have the first broadcast of the episode on the channel but then have it released online in a manner that is free and protected from piracy. People pirate shows because they can’t watch them when they want and have no way to view it from their computer or device.

This is the age we live in and with many good shows (and plenty of bad ones too) the networks need to become a little more strict and also be willing to take a chance on a show like terra nova or firefly!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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