So I have begun a pretty serious diet thanks to concerns by my doctor. I have been ordered to a strict diet which is pretty much fruit and water. Now ofcourse there are a few additions of some certian vegtables and protients. This is now day 3 of my diet and it has been a pain in the ASS! I crave somany tastey foods and the fact its grilling season doesnt help! Also to toss a wrench into this is that Burger King came out with a bacon ice cream sundae which makes me just want to quit the diet for a day and enjoy. I am very determined however and doing this now will help me in the long term which is somthing I need to start considering. I ask that if you see me slipping or eating something feel free to hold me accountable and question what I am eating because I am only human!


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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