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So everyone has been talking about the apocalypse, either zombie, nuclear, or natural disaster, it is something on peoples minds. Now personally I think an apocalypse will be interesting, not because of all the death and hardships to ensue, instead I think it will be a good form of Darwinism that creates a clean slate for the human race and get rid of some of the people who give the human race a bad name. Now this will also give us a chance to reboot society and change how we live, work, trade and over all take us back to what is necessary for living. Ofcourse technology is the way that we progress and personally I would much rather see us using technology for space travel and exploration. Just in case however I have come up with a few plans, a few because the first one may never work out and you always need to keep going.

Anyways I have come up with a plan and I will share it with you (since its pretty much just a few friends that read this anyways lol.) Now from the first moments of what ever the cause is for us to feel the need to up and leave, I will gather what ever canned food is in the area and all the water I can load up. Now I will gather family and my few friends and their families because traveling in groups will be the best chance for survival. We will take pick up trucks only because we can load as much water food gas and other supplies as possible. Next we will head west, mainly towards the Appalachian Mountains with our rally point being Lewisburg, WV which is right at I-64. There we will wait a few days for us to gather up, rest and plan our next moves depending on whats going on. This will also be a good restocking point.

My next major move is from our rally point is to start heading northwest with our destination being Hancock, Mi. I know I hated Hancock and going to school there but I have looked at the area and what is around and this is probably the best place I can think of. For one I already have explored the area and know how to get there by heart via multiple roads. Since I already know how to get there I know that for each truck taking this route will need atleast 65 gallons for total fuel. Knowing this I can gather up plenty of gas cans and other tools to get us there.

Now the main reasons for heading to this location seem so simple that it is a must.

1) Water- it is surrounded by the great lakes which are fresh water. Now these water sources are ofcourse polluted but since once can make easy filters using a mixture of sand, clay, and charcoal then boiling. Also having these grand areas of water provide us with both fish and more important defense.

2) Defense- If you look at a map, Hancock is on the Keewenaw Peninsula. This means it is surrounded by water but even better is that it is also cut by a canal. This means it is completely surrounded by water. To make it even better there is only one bridge to cross is which is Portage Lake Bridge. And it gets better because this bridge is a lift bridge keeping people out. All one needs to do is lift the bridge and build either a wood wall along the coast of the canal or atleast defendable positions. Also the locals have plenty of weapons so finding a group to help defend wont be to hard. It is also covered in mountains which gives the high ground advantage

3) Food- Now there are quite a bit of deer in the area and also local farms but relying on those will be illogical since there is a long wither season. Food will be tough but will fishing, cattle, and raiding other bigger cities close by one can stock up and get things going to a large number. Another issue will be gaining access to salt. If you dont realize the importance of salt then you have a problem. Now the idea is that the local food stores and rationing will help but long term new sources will have to be given consideration.

4) Fuel- On one of my drives I found a interesting little fuel farm about 15 miles away from Hancock. I know the locals know about this but this also give a good source of fuel to allow for convoys to go out and get supplies and materials. Ofcourse it will need to be rationed but it is a good start for atleast 6-8 months depending on how its being used.

5) Medicine- There is Portage Hospital right there in Hancock with atleast 200 beds plus a good stock pile of medication it should be a good area to stay a top zombie fighting strength and not having to worry about the flu. There are also plenty of local medical centers and pharmacies to restock.

6) Hostilities- The local population is pretty friendly and I think that they wouldnt turn people away from those who need help. Also the population is the whole upper peninsula is really small so the numbers will not be an issue for resources running out quickly. Plus I doubt many people from the big cities will even consider the UP as a solution and a safe haven.

7) Natural Resources- Not only does the area have fresh water, but it has dense forests which provides one of the basic building materials, wood. From being used to make walls, shelters, tools, boats and fuel for fire, it provides a local clean air and oxygen area which will be needed. This area is also very windy which will be ideal for windy power to keep certain things going.

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So those are the main reasons why Hancock is my go to spot and you all are welcome to come find me there. However if things point to Hancock does not my next location is Lonergan, Nebraska. If thats a no go then I will head west or try and get over to Finland, but we will see. Feel free to leave comments or your thoughts.


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