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So the other day a friend and I were working out and we were discussing work. He told me how he is working several jobs. Now he is happy with the work he is doing which is great. Well during our conversation it was brought up how a lot of our friend are either is crappy jobs or still can’t find work even with a degree. A good chunk of my friends work in the food services either as chefs or as servers and waiters. Another group of my friends has a hard time even finding work that will look good on a resume.

That is where it hit me how happy I am with the path I took. See during high school I was in JROTC and was ready to enlist in the US Army as a combat medic. After some debacles I ended up deciding to work full-time out of school. I had worked in many different fields including roadside and accident response, working at Apple, and even working in some corporate auditing jobs. Most of these jobs and others lasted for atleast a year.

The benefits for waiting was that I was able to get some early work experience under my belt. I also gained a sense of maturity and discipline to do my work which helped me in college. I now work at a historical research firm 9am-5pm weekdays. This is a great job for me to have and I know my previous work experience and my newly gained work ethics also helped me land this job. Being able to work hard at this job and actually enjoy going to work is a great feeling.

I know I am lucky to have a job like this. It pays way more than minimum wage and that I have a steady hours to rely on. For my friends who are working these late shift or whom have minimum wage jobs all I can say is work your hardest and even if the boss or coworkers piss you off just stick with it because it will pay off in the end.


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