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We define ourselves by the color of our skin and the country of origin however 40 years ago we started to look at ourselves differently. Terrans have always looked to war to gain more territory and possessions, to eradicate someone that is different by color or religion, and to have the power to rule over so many. This all changed 40 years ago when we saw an image that made us look differently at the world and how we treat everything. There are many times when I saw I don’t want to live on this planet anymore and this is because of how we treat each other and the things we invest our time and knowledge into. However when I look at this image I start to look back at some of the good and the good I can do in the future.

So what was this image? What on Earth could change our minds so quickly and relook at all of our policies to begin to question everything. Well actually nothing on Earth could, Photographers have taken images during war and peace, of those in pain and suffering and those who do good and help people but not one of this images did it. Instead we had to look outside and find what we had been missing to see it. When you look at a globe you see each country in a different color and you can see the borders that separate one group of people from another. For such a long time we relied on these borders to show us who we are and policies and government actions were set for the betterment of said country. This thinking changed when we saw an image and realized how wrong we were.

Terra, or Earth if you like to call it was this image that the space program sent back to us. A beautiful blue ball in which there were no borders, no highest castles, and no one country better than another. We saw and really found ourselves in this image. This is what God sees. Not just one country but the world and this is what we started to see and realize we needed to change. The space race brought us these images but would help lead us into a more dignified path for self betterment for all Terrans. This beautiful pale blue dot showed us what we had been missing, our world and what needs to be done to protect it.

We set forth into the black and instead we looked back and found ourselves. We over night started to pass laws for clean air and clean water. Animal and Human rights had taken new grand steps into insuring a more controlled, safe and stable world for our children to grow up in. Pollution was looked more carefully at and many more laws were set forth into protecting this world not just for America but for all of the world. We also built the International Space Station so that we could work with others around the world. The civil right movement had also just occurred and was still fresh in everyones mind but seeing how little we really were helped put it in perspective and show us what is really going on.

This is however starting to change again. I have recently been noticing racism is gaining a foothold again, not just by whites but also by blacks, asians, latinos, and everyone you can think of. I hear how people blame others for their problems and how we need to close ourselves off to other races and ways of thinking. Stereotypes are a way of doing this. I am not a racist but I will admit there are times when one falls to stereotypes for a sense of safety and security because people are proving stereotypes to be correct. Well this is a problem for all Terrans. We need to step away from this thinking again and look at ourselves not be the color of our skin or as part of a certain group. Instead we must look at us as being just one race, the Terran race.

Now I am sure you are asking what is Terra and who are Terrans. Well Terra is Earth, it is a Latin word for our planet and is more commonly found ins Science Fiction than todays media because we do see ourselves as just one planet. I, like many others, like using the classification and the name Terra and Terran because is a good name for us and it is the future of our race. We need a name and a title that will help define us and this is the best description I know of. We are humanoids but for some reason we can’t seem to just call ourselves that. Many have stated that if we come in contact with another species or race of beings that we would be introduced as Terrans from the planet Terra in the Sol System. It is nice to know that some people are thinking about what we would be called and putting us in to just one group.

Terrans need to look again at ourselves from the outside to really understand and open our minds to what needs to be done to insure our greatest resource will remain. Those who say environmental policies and laws should be relaxed are obviously not worried about the future of our planet. They care more about the here and now, what is cheaper and what is more popular by those whom are ignorant to the impact. Personally laws that are strict and heavily reduce our dependency on nonrenewable resources would be welcome by me because we will find a way to cope and live with it.

I hope this means something to you and you look back and reflect on what needs to happen to help our race survive not just in the next 10 years but in the next 1000 years.

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