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The God Particle

So it does exist. Scientists at CERN have recently announced that the Higgs Boson particle exists. This is a great accomplishment by our world to announce and perceive that there is a particle from which we can base origin of all basic particles. This helps Physicist and many other scientists set up a start point for understanding the make up of everything. So what does this mean for the normal people who have only heard of the Higgs Boson particle through the tv show “Big Bang Theory?”

Well to put it in to the most basic answer, this particle is the particle from which everything obtains mass. Everything in this universe has some sort of mass from us, plants, animals, the computer which I am typing, the stars, the planets, and even atoms. The problem is that the smaller we go the harder it is to determine the amount of mass of something. As we react the particles that make up atoms which make elements we can more easily see mass. For all of the particles that make up atoms, the theory of where does mass come from and how do particles gain mass has been in discussion for many years.

So in Switzerland, CERN has run numerous tests at the particle accelerator in efforts to smash atoms together to rip them apart and see the particles which are present. The video included will help make everything a lot more clear. Pretty much though like the laws of thermodynamics that state energy can not be created or destroyed is the same for mass. We are talking about subatomic particles which transfer the mass but this shows that mass transfers over even if we can’t not measure the exact numbers. For the other sciences the foundation that there is the particle that hold mass can set the ground work for many different equations not only in the quantum mechanics area but also through out astrophysics, biology, chemistry and others.

This is a great step forward for science in which we can now look more into our creation and the creation of the universe. The God Particle, so central to the state of physics today, so crucial to our understanding of the structure of matter, yet so elusive, has been established. Now we can get down to serious business!


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