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Why Do I Blog???

So I have been asked before why do I blog (web log) and for the most part I haven’t given it much more of an answer other than well if you read it you would know. Well again tonight a new friend of mine began her blogging adventure. Jill’s blog is a fresh start for her and she doesn’t know what it’s true direction will be other than a place to write and keep a personal record of her thoughts. Now this is very similar to a diary or journal however since it is te internet more people will be able to view and comment on her personal ideals and beliefs depending on what she posts.

This is the true nature of blogging, not to be a troll or write something popular but instead to write about personal accounts and have a follow up discussion or opinion to follow. Many blogging sites have gone to main stream such as tumblr where i pretty much don’t care what anyone’s posts on there due to its nature of being to be popular and all about the followers. Yes followers are necessary in many regards but then it forces your posts from being true to more about what gets the followers attention.

Personally I like it when people read my posts and comment on what they read. I try however to aim at topics I find interesting or that I would like to leave my two cents. My goal is however to leave my mark on the net by leaving my opinions and likes and finds behind for future generations. The Internet is the ultimate time capsule and by leaving a record of what I find interesting or stories about my experiences, others can get my first hand approach to events.

I will continue to utilize my blog as both a journal to allow my opinions to be free and honest, and a place where people from all walks of life can understand the weird mind which I call my own and how it works. If anyone starts a blog for work or for a cause then good for you but I think the true nature of the blog is to be a personal account of your life from your eyes and ears.


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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