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Something to look forward to

So I am a huge movie buff and love going to go see new releases. Some Sundays I go out with Iliana and watch a must see movie. Recently however there haven’t been many new movies that are worth going to see or even think about purchasing. If you look under my Facebook badge on the right you can see a link to see my movie library (I do need to update it big time.)

I decided to look on IMDb and I must say I can not wait for later this year and next year. There are so many new movies coming out and I can’t wait to be entertained. Here is a list of the ones i cant wait to see and why. Quite a few of these still don’t have trailers but once they do I will post them here!

The Dark Knight Rises – I’m Batman!!! Simple as that, you can’t go wrong with Batman!

-Total Recall – I loved the original and the trailer seems to live up to it plus one of my top 5 hotties is in it!

-The Babymakers – seems funny like knocked up and has Olivia Munn in it.

-The Campaign – Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis in a comedy about the political campaign and what these politicians do to make people love them.

-Anchorman 2 – Ok so Anchorman is one of my top movies and I can’t wait for a sequel to come out. Will ferrel has his hits and misses but he is one funny man.

-The Expendables 2 – OMG every action star in a mass orgy of action! Score.

-Dredd – The judge is back and I love the classic Judge Dredd is a great idea and I am glad it has a sequel but it better live up to the hype.

Wreck-it Ralph – So this is my most can’t wait movies, it’s from the point of view of the villains in video games and it has Nintendo characters included so its a must watch for me!

-Flight – so a plane crash lands but the pilot, Denzel Washington, saves the plane in a marvelous menavour and then is blamed. Shows the stress and challenges of being a pilot.

-The Hobbit – lord of the rings is back and I cant wait for it to come back and start a new adventure.

-The Man with the Iron Fists – Weird kungfu martial arts movie with Russel Crowe… Looks great!

-After Earth – Will Smith and his son Jaden are a great father son duo in the film biz. This movie is a space movie exploring a planet 1000 years after humans?! Well I must check this out.

-Red Dawn – Well this should be interesting to see the remake. This was originally a good movie to watch and hopefully the remake will be good.

-the Great Gatsby – So this will be interesting and a great movie.

-les Miserables – so I have seen a few versions of this none of which I cared for but we will give this one a shot!

World War Z – so Brad Pitt in a mass war zombie movie around a UN Soldier? Sweet can never go wrong with a strong zombie movie!

-The End of the World – your at a party and then it’s the Apcolyse. Yep this should be interesting but with the number of comedians it might not take it to seriously but we will see.

Iron Man 3 – Yes love Robert Downing Jr in Iron Man and Avengers so this is going to be funny witty and plenty of action.

Star Trek – To put it simply I love Star Trek and will go see this when it comes out.


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