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2012… a Bloody Olympics?

The Olympics is a grand arena watched by the entire world and attended by millions that span all races and religions. This is the perfect stage for terrorism and a stage to get  a peoples message out around the world. The games have always been a target for attack and many attacks have been foiled over the years however there have been several attacks. With the stage set to promote peace, war is always at its doorstep.

Back on July 27th, 1996, a pipe bomb detonated at the Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta Georgia killing two and injuring over hundred others. I remember watching the news coverage as a kid and seeing the panic. With there being so many different languages and cultures it was chaos. They even arrested the wrong man suspecting him of being the bomber but instead being a good samaritan whom helped lead others to safety. Eric Rudolph, a member of Army of God, was finally captured in 2003 for the bombing at the Olympics and several others in Atlanta. This was a terrorist attack within united states by a Christian terrorist group.   The International Olympic Committee has always taken security, along with public safety resources in to consideration when choosing a location for the games. London was chosen to host the games for a third time back on July 8th 2005 but as soon as it was announced London became the target. July 7th 2005 was a day when 4 bombs were set off on a train and bus killing 52 people and induing over 400 others. Just weeks later on July 21st, five more bombs tried to go off but did not detonate. Since then there have been countless raids and findings of potential bombers in London. I have found over 18 different attempts through news articles on the internet. So what is the real number of debunked attacks? I would estimate somewhere around 20-30 some more severe than others.   So this stands to question is London ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics which is only a little more than a week away? NO. If anything the ball has been dropped big time. Just after the announcement of the games G4S, a security contractor, won the contract to provide all security for the games. The contract awards G4S 300,000,000 pounds (about $468,000,000) to fund and handle security for the Olympic games set to begin July 27th. However since the contract being awarded in 2005 the company still is short by several thousand security guards and personnel. You would think that with over 657,000 employees that it would have enough staff but with operations in over 125 countries they are still short. G4S recently said that it has 9,000 new employees for the games but with the games only several days away, I doubt they will be ready and most likely will not be deployed until midway through the games.   If you are going to provide security for the games you need seasoned guards who can spot trouble and be able to prevent attacks. They also must be able to communicate with people of many different languages and be able to recognize customs and tells of certain groups to know what is real and what is fake. These new 9,000 guards are fresh batch of cadets whom are only going to put on a perceived image of safety when really there will be major holes. In spite of these facts the British Military has decided to deploy over 3,500 additional troops to the games for security and protection. The British Military, along with the London Police force are already going to be in full force to protect the Queen and other security around London but when it comes down to protection at all of these sites where the games will be held it stand to question not if but when will there be an attack. I do hope that this will be a great and safe Olympics and that G4S will answer for its failures in the future but for now everyone needs to be safe and enjoy the games. I will say even with this information I would love to be there and experience the games for myself.


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