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A Dark (K)night indeed.


A tragic event in Aurora, Colorado occurred early this morning a gunmen by the name of James Holmes went on a shooting spree during the premiere during the midnight showing of the Dark Knight. Twelve people have been murdered and fifty-nine more are injuried. Most of the people in the movie theater were children and young adults. While the movie was playing the gunman came through a back door, tossed a gas gernade and began shooting into the crowd. The gunman was then caught outside in the back parkingl lot putting up no resistance. This is such a horrible thing and a lot of times we do not know what drives a person to commit such cruel acts. The Dark Knight movie itself faces a lot of evil and despicable things yet we go to the movies expecting to be safe and secure. Personally I cannot wait to see the movie but in light of this horrific destruction of human life I am hesitant, not because my own safety but because of remembrance to those 12 people who have lost their lives by just being in attendance of  the movie.

The Dark Knight Rises was one of the most anticipated films in recent memory, but now there’s a very dark shadow over the film. The Dark Knight will always now be remembered as a movie in which should shooting took place and of course this will have a significant effects on the profit made by the Warner Bros. Just think that going to a movie to see Batman, a character who always portrays good against evil and is a character that does not have superpowers but by his genius and goodwill is strong, that we cannot feel safe orbit be protected. Nationwide police forces are stepping up security in to prevent a copycat situation and I think security overall will be increased in order to protect and serve. Many posts ago I commented and spoke about being the generation that lives in terror and this is another tragity in the mass number of deadly acts by insane people.

My prayers and thoughts go with the families and those who have been injured and died through this disgusting act.


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