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You can’t stop the signal

A show first gets shown out of order and canceled, then has the largest fan backing ever and has a grand follow up with a major motion picture? This is a rare thing indeed but it happened to one amazing show ten years ago. If you don’t know the show in which I am talking about then you are missing out on a great story that really dark and honest about human nature and what it is to survive.

Ten years ago a tv show aired on Fox called Firefly. It is a scifi western that doesn’t follow the normal trend of space stories. Unlike Star Trek and others, this show is dark, dirty, and shows the hard ships of living in space. The shows creator Joss Whedon described it as “nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things”. Well as soon as the show aired there were problems, instead of showing the episodes in order Fox aired them out of sequence causing some confusion in the story line. After only airing several episodes Fox canceled the show but not before a total of 14 episodes were created.

I remember watching several of these on fox as they aired and being confused, granted I was also only 15 and didn’t know how to find out what was going on via the Internet. Many people how ever banded together and helped keep the dream of Firefly going. Joss Whedon worked hard trying to find a new home for the show. Everyone knew what this show meant not only by the great stories being told but by the rare cast and ideas behind it. Anyone who knows me really knows my passion for this show and I always try and get my friends to watch the tv show and movie. They both are my top favorite show and movie of all time.

If you are looking for something to watch then I suggest watching Firefly the tv series first and then watching Serenity. They are a hidden gem with in the scifi realm and I am sure you will enjoy it. There are also comic books with follow up stories as well. Comic-con 2012 has also brought up more comic titles and maybe even an animated series. Personally I would like to keep it within the comic books but knowing Joss Whedon if he does do a cartoon then it will be great.

Joss Whedon is a story teller you only come across a few times and his stories have all be excellent. He has created Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, Serenity, and most recently The Avengers. I feel that his most recent success on the Avengers has helped his previous works get more attention. Both the Avengers and Firefly hold many similar qualities and only Joss could bring these in such a great story telling method. Joss specializes in telling a story from multiple angles and having many main characters contribute. He likes having not just one hero but a team. He also care very much about the dialogue and is very aware of the shot and camera to help portray his story. Not to mention he always writes female characters beautifully but you will see that when you watch his work.

As I said this is one of those rare pieces where the fans fought for their love. These fans are known as the Browncoats and I identify myself as one of these. I have many times gone on the forums and even put in my own money into campaigns and marketing. I love this show and many things about it speak to me. Much of the language from the show has been added to my vocabulary including my favorites: “You can’t stop the signal”; “shiny”; and “I’m a leaf on the wind watch how I sore!” Many aspects of this show from the integration of cultures, the strength of family, and the vastness and darkness of space.

There is also another side of this which really hits home about this show. It was a struggling group of people and the fans could relate because they fought to keep the show and lost the war. The title song lyrics say “take my my land, take where I can not stand, I don’t care I am still free you can not take the sky from me” ; This is a wonderful calling and really puts everything into its own perspective because this show was taken from us but we still are free and have much to look forward to. This is true about life and government and really helps make the calling there is still a place to go once everything horrible has happened.

I can keep on going about this show and explaining every little detail about the show. Instead rent, watch and enjoy the show and I will be more than happy to sit and watch it with you. I feel a strong discussion about a show makes that show so much better.


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