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Ahhh gotta love colleges! Since I had to drop out of classes from Finlandia thanks to my knee injury my gap sank from a 2.6 to a 1.4 which is not me but I could not help it. In spite of of this set back I have tried to get things going and get my life in order. I promised myself I was going to attend classes in fall 2012. I applied to LSU, GMU, JMU, VT and a few others hoping that even with the low gap I could get in so I didn’t have to go to a community college


Well that didn’t quite work the way I wanted to. I received letters from all saying due to my low gap i was no accepted into the programs however if I turned that gap around then I could get things started. So what was my choice to get my gap back? Well I could go back to FU but due to everything and being so far away and not working while I was there I decided on option number two. Northern Virginia Community College, NVCC or Nova as us locals call it was the one place where I could get in transfer credits and rebuild. Sounds easy right? Wrong…


I applied back on the first week of June and tried to follow all the steps but with work and other tasks I only looked into my status once a week. I regret that and wish I looked more closely because thanks to holds on my accounts I am coming down to the wire for registration. Nova is supposed to be a one semester thing so I can turn around my grades, finally get the Associates Degree (due to 3 or 4 core classes that are requirements I have yet to get this) and transfer out to a four year college to finish my last year at school.


First I have been stuck with holds on my account and having to deal with counselors and staff that do not know what certain holds mean which then takes me a week of calling and driving around to the different campuses to find the right person. Once I got rid of one hold another one would show up, there was no list just had to wait and see what popped up next thanks to their checklist system. That is what brings me to this final hold which is keeping my finical aid and registration from being processed. This hold is a refund from back in 2007 when I took a class at Nova. Well the staff does not know how to remove or even process a refund of this nature because I have already received that refund way back when. You would think a refund would not hold an account, sure if I owed money i could see that, but an issue were they owe me money but prevent me from moving on is ridiculous…


Anyways thats where I am at right now and hopefully I can solve this relatively soon so I can attend classes and not miss another semester. I am getting to old for this and I know I won’t have my Bachelors Degree till I am 27. We will have to see but I hope this goes through because I love my current job and the fact I can have this job based off my intellect and hard-work is a blessing but I want more out of life and want to really show my stuff after all my major is astronomy and physics. One day I will have a masters and PHD in Astrophysics.



Wish me luck!

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