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Classic gaming

Several months ago I had installed windows on my iMac so I could play Star Wars Old Republic. Well I got tired TOR and I had thought about a few games I loved growing up. A few windows games I missed were roller coaster tycoon, age of empires and sim city. Now yes they do have Mac versions but since I had windows I figured I would use it. Well it just do happened I remembered Steam was having a summer sale so I decided to see what they had since I had never used steam before (yes I knew of it and all just never checked it out in full) and boy was I happy. I picked up Age of Empires 3, Rollercoster Tycoon 2 & 3, Simcity 4, and Skyrim all for real cheap. Of course it took a while to download them all but it was worth it. It’s always nice to go back to some childhood memories… Just pulled an all nighter playing them all. Now to just plug in the N64 and I’ll be set.


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