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Today was my first day of classes again. I am taking 4 classes this semester and these are classes I should have taken during my first year of school. I have to take these classes so I can graduate and I really don’t see the point in some of these but I cant argue all I can do is take the classes. If anything I am glad I got this mess with NOVA taken care of so I am not missing another semester because I am not getting any younger. Most of my classes are going to be night classes after work so I can still work a full day and then make it for 3 hours worth of classes.

I am taking a basic introduction to computers only because it is necessary to graduate. Yesterday we went over the basic hard ware of a computer for close to 3 hours… Even thought I used to work for Apple and work with computers building and maintaining databases and in office maintenance, I will show up for class and do every assignment because its an easy A. The final project for the class is making a video game. Now I have done some programming and more so repair but never to make a game so this will be the highlight of the class for me.

Next I am taking intro to communication aka public speaking. Really not looking forward to this class since I learned this back in high school and AJROTC in particular. I have to take it though so I can complete my studies and move on. English Composition is another class I have to take since I got a C at Finlandia it will not transfer so have to repeat this class. I have learned more about writing and grammar since writing in my blog and writing my book but you never know what I will learn.

Finally I had signed up for an Astronomy class but it was filled which was a big bummer. Instead i am taking a biology course so I am still working within the sciences and building my GPA back up. Unlike the other three classes this is not a night class. I will be taking this class from 8 am on Saturday morning till 3 pm. I am going to regret this especially when I just want to sleep in.

My goal is to attend every class and do every assignment and to not give my self reason to slip up. So let the semester begin and lets see where I stand come Dec 17th.


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