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Explorer Day Movement

Last night after talking to Kirsti for a while I was searching the internet and I came across a post about people suggesting the creation and editing of Columbus Day to Explorers Day. Columbus day is celebrated on the second monday of October. In more recent years people have been upset with this day because of the horrible things Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans. I don’t believe it is right to celebrate these killings and mass murder but I do think he was still a marvel when it came to exploration and discoveries. Since I look at his work as an explorer, the followed that which I think is distinct in humans which is that Nature to explore.

There are already so many federal holidays that creating a new one for each explorer would not be allowed but instead we should celebrate the drive that all of us have. This idea of changing Columbus Day is not to demean celebration for Columbus but instead to include other great explorers. There have been many great Explorers from America but also others from around the world who have increased our knowledge and our drive to find that hidden place where none has seen. Space Exploration is that next step and we already have had some meaningful explorers visit the Moon but there are still many more places to go. We should celebrate this and move forward in acknowledging these great men and women.

We have seen many Explorers but this day would be designed to celebrate them all. To name a few which I would celebrate: Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon; Fredrick Cook, explored the Arctic; Robert Peary, went to the North Pole;  Zebulon Pike, explored the Louisiana Purchase; Langdon Warner, the silk road; John Glenn, space; and so many others. Its these explorers and the knowledge that they brought for which we should be remembering on the second monday of October and I along with others will be writing to our congressmen to change this day. I hope you join with me from changing a federal holiday in which we do not like into something that encompasses many great people.


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