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Breaking the Law.

Recently people have been upset about speed cameras and red-light cameras being put up in DC Maryland and Virginia. This emotion has even increased to vandalism of these said cameras. Local jurisdictions have had to install cameras to watch the cameras that catch you breaking the law. So why are people so angry with these?

People think that these cameras are just a revenue source for the local government and have no basis for safety. They also make the argument that it’s infringing on they private lives and takes their hard earned money. Well they are partially correct; these all are a consequence of breaking the law and if you break the law you will be punished. The speed limits and enforcement of speeding through red lights are part of keeping everyone safe and these laws have been part of our culture for a long time. People just hate that they are getting caught and that they are forced to pay fines for something they did wrong.

This problem is mainly experienced in America because Americans think that part of their freedoms are to drive any way they want and to bend the rules when they see fit. I love hearing about Americans who visit Europe because in Europe they don’t play with breaking the law. I know Finland is particularly hard when it comes to speeding or breaking any traffic law.

I find it to be a real nuisance hearing about people complaining about enforcement of laws that protect people. Traffic incidents cause many deaths and even more injuries within the USA where as in Europe the stats for injuries and deaths are so much lower for the entire continent. Just obey the speed limits and rules and you won’t have to pay fines. Americans are in such a rush and only care about themselves getting for one place to another that anything that slows them down is frowned upon.

Recently in Texas they opened up a highway that allows for a speed limit of 85 miles per hour. This is insane because Americans have the easiest and most lax driving tests and tact than most other countries. The Autobahn in Germany works well with our speed limits because everyone in Europe had to be taught how to drive correctly and if you drive like an American it is considered dangerous and insane.

I strongly agree that cameras to enforce the laws are welcome and if you have a problem with it you should learn how to drive correctly. Also if you vandalize one of these cameras because you are mad you got caught then you have some real problems and I hope you get into real trouble when it comes to getting caught for breaking even more laws.


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