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Just recently I took a trip back up to Hancock to visit and spend time with several friends. It was nice seeing everyone and my trip led me down to help a close friend move to Indianapolis. Well since I wanted to be flexible with the return dates I decided on greyhound bus.

Well I was scheduled to leave at about 8:45 and the bus was running an hour an half late. Once the bus finally showed up I decided to stand near the back of the line since there were so many elderly… Well unfortunately it was first come and first serve and they only had 9 seats available. Well after talking to the teller I was told I would have to wait till 2:25 bus… Not really happy about that but what was I going to do since I didn’t have enough for a last minute flight.

Well I saw in the corner an automated machine for Amtrak and since I was pretty bored I was messing with it and saw that there was Washington DC as a destination. There was a train leaving at 11:50 pm. I was so happy I could take a train instead. Lucky I purchased a refundable greyhound ticket so I was able to get my money back and take the train. It was like $30 more for the train but I really think it was worth it.

The train I took was the cardinal line and I was able to really relax. I have taken the train a few times when I was younger but never by my self. Well the seats were really comfy and I had plenty of legroom. The chairs also had a leg thing that came out like a lazy boy which was sweet. I was unable seated next to a lady who made a lot of noise while she slept and she had a humidifier oxygen thing that made a really annoying buzzing sound.

Well the train sat at the Indianapolis station for an hour and half then we took off. It was about 6 hours in that the lady got off and then I had the row to myself all the way to Alexandria. Even better around 7 am the food car opened up and I was able to get some food and the bigger was decent… Well atleast better than McDonalds. Thank god there were power outlets on the train and I had cell reception on most of the trip. I did have all six Star Wars movies but also watched Netflix and read.

I was seated on the left side of the train do I did miss a few sights but I was able to see a lot of cool things like the statue for John Henry and a few waterfalls. Going through the Appalachian Mountains was just beautiful and got to see many views of Virginia that were marvelous. I was able to take a few pictures but it was a nice change compared to what I have seen driving all over the place.

I must say taking the train was a great idea and I was really able to enjoy myself. From now on I will look at train as an option. I know why a lot of people don’t take it since it is a long trip and for just a little bit more one could fly. However the railroads are very dependable and I was really happy with my trip and I really recommend more people look at train as an option.









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