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Hide and Seek — Internet Style!

It is scary how much information about you is on the internet. With social networking sites the information is limitless thanks to statuses placing your location and what you are up to, family and personal photos, even phone numbers and addresses. All of this information is easy to access and once you have a decent amount you can go hunting for more information such as bank, email, and work accounts. I have plenty of experience with all of this and many times do I go searching to help protect my friends telling them what information pops up and what is available. Watch this video because it really shows how easy it is to find you and get vital information. I know I am not the best at protecting myself but I do take certain steps when it comes to my private email, ssn, and bank logins and I regularly change passwords and security questions. The only piece of advise that I have is that it is ok not to share your life with the world because you never know where your information will go.



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