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Weekend Pick Me Up.

Want to know where close to 24 hours of my life has gone over the last 2 weekends? It has gone to building Lego models and not just any Lego models but the collectors editions of R2D2 and the B-wing star-fighter from Star Wars. I have always loved legos and from past posts I am sure you can see how awesome I think they are. Recently Lego released a collectors edition of R2D2. I was hesitant on purchasing it due to its $200 price tag but after hearing that they also had a collectors edition of the B-Wing I knew I had to have them. Luckily this came at a time when I got my refund check so I was able to spoil myself since I had just gone on a pointless trip which annoyed me.

The first model I decided to build was R2D2. The videos I had seen really focused on details for this model so it would be a good challenge and get me back into the building game. I have always been good with building legos and it has helped me in realizing how pieces and parts fit together and the bigger picture that every piece is important. The attain to detail on this model was important since there are my any moving parts. The doors open and the tools slide in and out of this model which is pretty cool; there is even a way to retract and lower the third leg. This model was a challenge and took me a good 9 hours to finish building it. I am pretty sure I got it perfect since everything works just fine and I am happy about that.

I had always loved the B-Wing since first really discovering it on Star Wars Rouge Squadron for the gamecube. It immediately became a favorite because of its design and firepower and since then it has been my favorite of the Star Wars spaceships. Now I had a chance to build it and I wanted to savor the moment with it so I save it for last. This was the harder of the two models in my opinion since the wings are long and heavy, the cab has to be able to move and a lot of the pieces are connected at only one point. I wanted to take my time with this so It took me close to 14 hours to complete it. Finally when everything was all said and done it came out beautifully. I wish they included a B-Wing pilot with this model to be on the stand like they did for R2D2.

I also have been thinking about investing in legos. This is actually pretty lucrative since models are only made for a short time then never seen again. I have checked out a lot of research into it and the normal model can raise up to almost 150% of its selling price but for the lego star wars collectors models they go way beyond that. On Amazon right now a lego x-wing model goes for almost $1400 were it sold for only $200 5 years ago. This increase has me wanting to buy a few sets and hold them in mint condition so that I can really make some money down the road and maybe buy a few other models later. I have also decided to start a lego minifigure collection, not just of the collectors series but of all of the series. I want to have one of each mini figure of characters since they are now covering movies and tv shows I think it would be a cool display to have in my future place.

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