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The demi-god George Lucas has sold out the franchise. Disney purchased Lucas-films for 4.05 billion dollars. At the same time Disney announced Star Wars 7 (2015) along with 2 more films. I have many mixed feelings about this but for the most part I am not happy at all.

First I know disney owns the rights to marvel and I absolutely love the Avengers. The Avengers had a great director named Joss Whedon behind it and was a realy big reason behind the success of the story and traits that kept the movie alive. Star Wars has had George Lucas behind it keeping the story the same per how it was imagined in his mind. Since He sold it to disney now we will be seeing an outsider run the show.

Second is that the story is an old one since Star Wars came out back in 1977 it is a classic story. I was a teenager when Phatom Menace came out and I enjoyed it then and still do but one can tell its a leap from the oringal in the sense of that it really uses the special effects to carry the vision. From past talks about how George wanted the flu story to play out it looks like it will continue many years later after episode 6 as Luke rebuilds the Jedi order. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford have expressed interest in playing roles in the new films. This would be interesting but I am still weary.

Third concern is what are we to do as fans. No major film franchise has had this large of an impact over its fans over these many generations. Time has made Star Wars a classic and because it is a classic it is hard to want things to be added on or changed. Film is still relatively new and large summary movie franchises are becoming the new thing but is this really for the best. History has shown us that the more films that come out the more the franchise is ruined or unwanted. However Marvel has started to change this with the Avengers line of films and focusing on combination and solo films for its characters.


I still don’t like the fact disney is taking Star Wars but it will be interesting to see and I promise I will always be a fan because no matter how bad the new films are the classics will always remain. I can not wait to show my children the classics and see their face as they first learn of Darth Vader being Luke’s father. My the Force be with us!



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