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So today was a day I don’t care for. First off I was asked a million times by “friends” if I had voted and for whom. That is my own personal matter if I did or did not and not polite to ask whom one voted for. I can not vote and seeing all of these statuses saying that I will not be your friend if you vote for one person is disgusting.

Second was that everyone was pissed when Obama won and others were happy. Guess what that is the President of the United States and he has earned a certain amount of respect. Yes we have the freedom of speech but you should not slander the one who has to make the hard decisions. This election was very close and after looking at the popular vote it came down to tens of thousands of votes. That is remarkable and scary that the nation is so divided that no wonder things are not getting done for the betterment of this country. We as a people need to work together and compromise on ideas and policies that will help everyone. Don’t assume that because I am a white male and don’t care for Obama that I am a racist because I am not because I don’t care for Mitt Romney either. I am neither republican or democrat, I am going off the views and policies someone will make to create a better life for everyone.

For me I see it as the lesser of two evils because yes Obama has not accomplished much in the economy but he has made head way in other areas. I personally could not vote but if I could t would have been for neither of the two. I would love to see a scientist or a person that is not all about the political image but an actual leader. Someone who can focus on the good and bad and really compromise for the best of the country. USA is not the greatest country in the world any more, many countries have freedom and even more freedom than what the USA has to offer. This country needs to look to other allies and change the old policies about posting billions into defense and instead focus on the poor and those who need help. I would love to see a president do that and be more than just a man.

I am happy to see several laws passed and surprised others. I am lad gay marriage has passed in Maryland and other states. I don’t care what your orientation is or what you like but it is a suppression if we say that you don’t have the freedom or right to do something. Is it wrong in the bible yes but America was not founded on the principles of the bible and there is the freedom of religion. Second I am glad a casino is opening in Maryland at the national harbor because I would like to see all the money Maryland, Virginia and DC residents spend for entertainment to stay here. Will someone get rich off this, of course but it brings more jobs, tourism, and productions to our area which will help. I was surprised to hear that Washington and Colorado pasted the legal use of recreational marijuana use. I personally don’t agree with this and thing it is a drug and causes harm but it is better than some of the prescription drugs out there when it comes to side effects. Having it legal allows for states to regulate, tax, monitor, and control the substance plus get rid of the illegal dark underworld of crime backed by it. I don’t care for this law but like I said  this is for the betterment for a lot of people and is the logical solution.

My respect goes to Obama because he is the President of the United States but I personally would rather see someone else take charge and actually fix this once great country. That is my opinion and I don’t care if you like it or don’t because that is my freedom. Please use think logically, don’t be close-minded, and be understanding of other peoples arguments on matters. Let us not be blindly led and let us change things for the better in this world because we are a fluke of the universe.


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