51st State>?

So on November 6th while the rest of the United States was voting for their choice for President and other members of congress, Puerto Rico was voting for a very different matter. This matter was should Puerto Rico join statehood and become the 51st state. Well over half of the population said yes to becoming a state with in the union. I am surprised; my generation has always known it as the 50 states but a 51st state would be interesting if not new. The last state to join was well over 50 years ago now and before that it was 40 years. This would mean a change to the house and senate but would give more people to be citizens of this country. I can not see any reason to say no to this addition. Yes it will be different but we can not live in the past and old ways. New states will come eventually but I personally would welcome this addition to the USA. There is so much mor that could be said but it is also so surprising that this will have to be followed and watched to see the impact and benefits to adding another state.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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