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Will You Accept This Challenge?


This photo has been swarming the Internet and I am sure by now you have seen it and know what it is about. However just incase it is of a 25 year old New York City cop buying a pair of $75 boots and socks for a homeless man. Now you may be wondering why have I decided to comment of this photo and well because this is something as humans we should all be doing. We need to be looking out for our fellow man. We should not rely on government programs or charities to always be there for someone who needs an act of kindness.

For years I have seen commercials recommending that we help others by donating however there are many days when I see someone in need. Most of my friends know me as the guy who will stop and help someone change a tire; if I see someone hurt or an accident to pull over and assist; to help someone who needs a hand; to lend money to friends who are struggling to get by. I have lived my life as best as I can by helping others that need it and to see this photo and hear this story warns my heart.

I wish more of my fellow Terrans would stop and help someone in need if it’s helping someone who has fallen or a mother who can not buy all of her groceries. Small acts go a long way and it’s our job to look after ourselves because noone else will. I do believe in a God but man has the true power by helping someone and not ignore the person.

I ask that no matter what the season is or the situation, if someone is in need and you have the power and means to assist even a little that you should. It might be an inconvenience or make you late for something or unable to buy that video game this month but the feeling of knowing someone is thanking you and that someone is better because of you is a great thing. Go help those who need it! I Challenge You!


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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