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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again!


Guess who is back on WoW?! Trigne is back online kicking ass, healing people, and challenging pet battles. WoW is my deep fried twinkie; it’s good from time to time but everyday it’s bad for you. I am challenging my self only to play 2 hours a day and max 8 hours over the weekend.

Well so far I am really enjoying Mist of Pandaria. I missed playing and I am close to the 9000 mark for Achievements. I know I am all over the place but it is fun to play again. I wish I had more friends to play with. I am close to 90 and already making plenty of gold grinding ore and herbs.

I am primary playing in Shadow form but I need to practice healing again. Spriest is really kicking ass at damage and I have been able to take out plenty of enemies and still keep mana up. As for healing disc is pretty tricky and holy is not good for leveling. I haven’t tried dungeons yet but I am questing and rep grinding for the while.

Anyways more updates in a while… O and pet battles are like pokemon… It’s addicting!


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