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Happy Independence Day


Today is Dec 6th which means it is the independence day of Finland. This is a great day to celebrate a great country. Americans claim that USA is the best but really once you look at the statistics and current state of the country you start to question.

I am proud to be a Finnish citizen and even though my Finnish isn’t the best these days I still portray myself as more of a Finn than an American. Finland has a rich history and has always been the little guy but this little guy has done great things. In 1917 it separated from Russia to form itself into an independent country. Even during World War II Finland stood its ground and fought for the freedoms of men.

America claims that the reason why American is the best is because of Freedom but its not the only country to be free. Finland Sweden and Norway all have more freedom of speech and press than the USA. Finland has some of the best schools along with some of the happiest people. With healthcare and basic needs taken care of it is a democratic system that works and takes care of its citizens.

I would love to one day to live in Lahti and be near my family but we have to see. Anyways Happy Birthday to one of the Great Countries in our current world!


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