Today the unspeakable happened to me… I was the victim of credit card fraud. A company out in California charged several hundred dollars to my credit card today. I lucky check my accounts every day online to see what was going on. Well I saw that and boy was I pissed. I immediately called Capital one and for sure they phone number they have for the merchant is bad and the company claims to be a cosmetics seller.

Now they are going through to change the charges and reverse it all. I have to wait awhile for my new card to arrive and for me to get to my paycheck which I just put on the card yesterday. This is really bad timing with the holidays but I am glad I am getting the money back.

I am curious how they got that cards info. For the most part I am very careful on where I use it online and really stick with PayPal for any online transactions. As a precaution I also went to TD Bank and had them swap my bank card out for a new one just incase. I have also gone through all of my accounts and changed passwords along with editing info.

I will be more careful about my information even though I have always been careful in the first place. Just be careful everyone because this sucks. I am going to do a credit statement report when I can in a few weeks. Wish me luck!

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