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12/21/12… a date that we will all know as the end of the world…. or not?!?!?! The Mayan people claim that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 12/21/12 however this is far from the truth. The calender counts in large numbers and it just so happens its the reset of the calendar rolling back to the start like an odometer for your car when it hits 99999 its rolls over to 00000. If there was some large event we would already be feeling effects from it such as a large planet or asteroid hitting us we would have seen it in the sky by now. There have been several conferences to verify other data such as weather and climate events and there is no sign of anything coming. Even a solar flare is unlikely even with it being the peak of the 11 year cycle its a very weak year. The sun is not going to burn out or have any chance of going out anytime in the near future.

Now of course we can not always predict everything but there is no evidence to conclude that this will be a mass disaster or something we need to ready ourselves for. I have my plan and disaster kit ready for in case of an event but science does show us that the most likely event will be a war. Death is always going to be around us and I do think there will be a civilization changing event at some point in my life but I don’t think it is now. I will be living life normally and expecting the sun to rise on 12/22/12.

I am contemplating however to tell my children the grand story of how we were attacked by aliens and how I fought them off and saved their mother from the acid mines. Any one that doesn’t agree with this story I will say they had their brains wiped or they worked in the mines to long to remember what really happened. I will be coming up with a nice little story to go hand in hand with that one later. For now God bless and know judgement day could be any day but its still far off for me!


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