Awake, Freedom 95, ME, Poems, Story


Recently writing has become an outlet for me not only to be creative but also to release emotions and thoughts. This had not always been the case but within the last year my mind has come up with more and more stories and poems that I want to share even if they are good or bad.

I have finished writing one story called Freedom 95 in which a future American is spilt by north and south for which the south is the good guys. Well for this I also had an idea for the end of the story to set up for a sequel to take place in Europe. The last few weeks I have been organizing my thoughts for that but the other night a new idea came to me. With the so called apocalypse coming up I have decided to keep a journal of a what if scenario and the days and months following the event.

I already know how the ending will be and how to tie it all into reality to make one be puzzled. I look forward to this new project to keep my mind busy and have something to do after my long days at work. I may post the first chapter at some point to give you an idea however the journal will be hand written to act as if it is proof there was an event!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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