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Another Year

Well it is 2013 and what a year 2012 was. I had many high and low points this year. To start off I moved back to DC and spent 3 months in physical therapy working on my knee. I also started working out a lot more and going to the gym. I did loose some weight but not as much as I would have liked.

I was able to start driving again and took a few trips. Naeroby and I went to NYC for St. Patricks and had tons of fun. I also went back to Hancock to see a few friends. I was able to see Ed and Siera and a few other but never got around to seeing Kelsey last year.

Otherwise I have spent the entire time just working. I have been at McCaffery & Associates, Inc. for a year now and been doing well. I spent part of the year doing research at the Udvar Hazy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which was interesting looking at all of the old documents. I also started up classes again and focusing on astrophysics. I have many more years but it is nice to have a great paying job so I can be stable and focus on me.

I have made some new friends this year and had a few relationships but for the most part I have been played and led on most this year. I have also lost some friends that I was close to but I hope to rebuild those relationships at some point. There are other people that I have kicked out of my life and never want to hear from again because if they want to hurt me then no point to have them around. I have decided that I will be single for 2013 unless someone awesome steps up but it is time for me to spend the year focusing on me.

I got a house near the end of the year and have enjoyed living here even if the heat doesn’t work. I also have started playing video games again mainly World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic. I also started to rebuild my DVD collection since many people kept borrowed movies. I am back up to 300 movies but need to keep on going and pick up the classics again.

A huge accomplishment was that I finished writing a 300 page book. I still need to have it published but I am very proud of it. I have also started writing a sequel to the book as well as another story which is more so a journal from an alternate time line. I am still looking for an artist to do a lot of the graphics and images for these but that can wait.

A huge moment hit me last year just after I turned 25. I realized I was living my life wrong and even with the doomsday thoughts of 2012, I can proudly say 2012 was my best year so far. I don’t really have a resolution except to live life and have a better year than last! 2013 will be much better so watch out and if you like come along for the ride.




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