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Many days at work I need a five minute break just to get my mind off things and rest. Sometimes I like looking at funny pictures or meme’s from 9gag or HugeLOL but other times it is web comics. One of my favorite go to comics is that of the Justice League or JL8.

This has become one of my favorite comics now and I have been keeping track of it. It is the Justice Leauge in grade school clashing the personalities of the super hero with those of a child. The comic mainly follows Batman and Superman but also features J’onn, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Green Lantern, and the Flash. For most of the slides they end with a joke or something funny but the comic itself has a bit of romance and mystery to it.

Yale Stewart is a wonderful story teller and the artwork is superb matching those of the newspaper comics I read growing up. It is a nice tribute that has a lot of thought and detail in the story. His artwork is also wonderful and has made many other pieces on devianart.

Below is strips #1 through #102 including some of his other art work. If you love DC and its characters then you will enjoy this one. I hope Stewart doesn’t mind that I am posting these but I want more people to see these and to follow him. You can go to the JL8 site by clicking HERE!

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