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100 years

Many times I think of where mankind is headed and the state of the world in the future. My mind turns to movies and scifi for some answers good or bad; would we be in a Star Trek type lifestyle in glamorous starships, would it be a society of that in Firefly, or would it be of an apocalyptic world were mankind struggles to survive, or that of a black rock were we have ceased to exist.

Over the last hundred years we have over come a lot and made giant leaps forward from flight to exploring the moon to having many diseases cured. Our technology has increased as well as our knowledge and understanding. Many leaps forward have been due to war and new technologies to fight however there has been another force that has pushed our knowledge and inventions, this force is that known as Space. The Space Race brought us to having to create new technologies to solve problems of exploration and discovery. It is because of NASA and our dreams of exploring the black that drives us to come up with solutions.

There is a current project known as the 100 year starship program which the race to be able to explore and travel interstellar within the next 100 years. This project is exactly what as a species should be looking at since it is in our nature to explore and understand. We need to be looking and striving for the betterment of man and not stop improving.

The 100 year starship program is just the key our planet needs. The best part is that this has many public forums that allow anyone to throw an idea or solution. I have signed up and put a few ideas as well as working on a write up on using current technologies as a outline for a long distant mission. My current idea is looking at a long term flight that can gather resources along the way.

I personally think this program has so much potential and can really lead us forward. I hope you all go to 100yss.org and learn more and provide some ideas to really advance our race in the right direction.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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