Awake, DC, Doris, ME, Trips

My one and only love

You have been there through thick and thin,
I remember meeting you for the first time and falling in love,
Your dark skin was a beauty and your eyes would shine so bright at night,
You have seen me at my most troubling times,
You have taken a bullet for me,
You have seen me with other women,
You and I have traveled great distances and seen many grand places,
You helped me save others and been there to save me,
You have kept me safe,
You have always cuddled with me and let me sleep comfortably,
You have given me my space but been there when I need to vent,
I have beaten you up,
I have tossed you in mud,
You still have all the marks and scratches,
You still are there for me,
You may whine at times,
You may take my money,
But I will always love you,
I will take care of you,
Make sure you are well and strong,
Let’s make it another 300,000



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