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New Changes

There have been quite a few new and important stories in the news recently regarding the military. Just a few days ago the Pentagon announced that women would be able to join front line combat units. This is about time. Women have been able to preform very well as soldiers and putting them on the front lines is a good idea.

I understand a few of the arguments about why women shouldn’t be on the frontlines such as it is physically demanding and war is no place for women, it is brutal and dangerous. I do have some hesitations about putting women in the front however if they want the honor and duty of serving for their country then they should have the chance. I don’t think they should allow for the drafts to take women however. The draft was established when we needed many many soldiers on the field to fight but now with technology, smaller teams will be able to fight more effectively and with fewer people ending up dead.

Speaking of technology another breakthrough has come for our soldiers. the first successful double arm transplant occurred. The anonymous donor passed away gave his arms to Brendan Marrocco who lost all four limbs from a roadside bomb in Iraq. Knowing that this is possible gives hope to all those to have lost limbs in combat and even two those whom loose them by other means. It is a great step in our medical technology.

The more advances we come up with to help people and give them a second chance is a great thing especially to the soldiers who fight to protect America’s citizens.

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