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For Shits and Giggles

I am doing this for shuts and giggles because I spent all day thinking about it I figured I would write some of it down.

What would I do if I had won $250,000,000…

1) give some out…. Brother, Mom and Dad would each get $25,000,000
My best friends Naeroby, Ahmed, Siera would each get $10,000,000
A few other friends will get some money depending, atleast some to pay off student loans.

2) Charities… Would give $10,000,000 to local charities.

3) Invest… $25,000,000 into a business idea and few other investments and accounts

4) Splurge… On a new small house in Alexandria VA and a new truck for myself and buy the farm in Finland

5) Secure… $5,000,000 in gold and silver

6) Save the other $70,000,000


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