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The weekend is here… So what do I do on my time off? Well I don’t have many friends in the area so I rarely go out to any parties or clubs because I hate going alone and that’s not my scene. I sometimes will go to a bar and have a drink or two but it gets depressing just sitting there alone not really meeting or talking to new people. If I had more friends or had time to go out with my current friends I would normally suggest something fun and different since getting hammered isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

My night last night was actually pretty relaxing except for one part. This is my typical night on weekends which I don’t mind having something different but no one is ever free to go with. First off I got off work at about 6 so I passed out and woke up at 9:30. I took a quick shower and got dressed and went for a walk. I walked down from King St Metro to Cora Kelly and back. I got back about 11:30 or so and hopped on World of Warcraft and worked on a few dailies and achievement (primarily trying to get the ravenlord mount which has still not dropped for me.) At about 2 am I decided to go back out and take a drive. I stopped at my thinking spot by the Potomac River and wrote in my notebook. My note book has topics I am thinking about and want to post to ideas for chapters in my books or things I am just randomly thinking of. Last night it was of a business idea and a few notes on the sequel to my book Freedom 95.

Now this is where my night got interesting. A lot of my Friends know that if I see someone in trouble on the side of the road I’ll stop and help. Well I just took a little drive and I was gonna go beltway to 395 and then home, well that didn’t go according to plan. I was on 495 and randomly decided to go south on 95 and as I did I noticed a black car driving weird. The driver was driving really slow and drifting. I thought he was drunk and began to call state police. Well just as I got state police on the phone I noticed the drivers front tire was blown out and he was driving on his rim. I began to wonder why he was driving like that and how long he had been driving on it. Well I turn on my amber lights and follow this care going now 35 on a 75 mph highway. He kept on swerving and drifting among all of the lanes of traffic. By the time we hit Lorton area about 10 miles down the road another driver, who turned out to be a firefighter, was following as well in another lane trying to help create a cushion. Well I am still on the phone with state police and there are so many accidents that they don’t have any free officers close by. So we finally make it down to Woodbridge and we are still going now at almost 80 mph we zip through the county in just a few minutes this guy is not wanting to stop or pull over. As we reach Manassas area and it goes down to 3 lanes on 95, I look back and see 3 tractor trailers helping slow traffic by taking up all the lanes and keeping a distance behind. As state police is busy I called stafford county to see if they could help and they sent an officer. The drunk driver was now on the shoulder driving so the 18 wheelers and all the slowed traffic passed us as we were going 25 miles an hour. As we pass the Stafford exit he swerves across all 3 lanes of traffic and scraps his left side on a guardrail. Luckily I saw that he was starting to do that and was able to get in front of a few cars heading in the left lane so they had a chance to slow down just as he crossed and hit the rail. I was sure he Was gonna stop after that but now was I wrong. He kept on going and finally a county officer and 3 state police showed up. It took him about a mile to pull over but I am glad he was off the road. I hung a around and submitted a report with a trooper as well as sent him the video I had of the whole ordeal.

That was one hell of a night but after seeing so many drunk driver accidents and knowing how dangerous it could have been I had to follow him, keep others back and report and document it. I didn’t get home till almost 6am after all that but i am ok with it because no one was hurt and after finding out he said he left from National Harbor I am glad his long journey didn’t cost lives. Don’t drink and drive!

Anyways that was my Friday night… Let’s see how Saturdays night turns

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