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This Super Bowl like many others, some of the adds target the American farmer. These ads are usually the most popular and this year is no exception. Even though I am a Ford guy, I really liked the Ram ad using Paul Harvey’s speech “So God Made a Farmer.” Harvey’s speech back in 1978 defined what it is to be a farmer and the hard work and loyalty the job requires. America loves farmers and cowboys and part of the American dream is to own a farm. That is harder to do now a days but for those whom take the job and tend to the crops and livestock, it rewarding in such a way that you are almost at peace. I have always thought about the farm back in Finland where I spent so much time riding the tractor through the fields, tending to the horses and cows, and cleaning that blasted chicken pen. There is something alluring about having all that hard work and seeing it pay off by more that capital gains. The second video is the Budweiser commercial about a clydesdale being raised by a farmer and the bond between the two. Just like the Harvey’s speech, a farmer must spend many of sleepless nights looking after the livestock and when it comes down to horses there is that bond and love that is established. I respect farmers greatly and even with food prices getting higher the rest of Americans to should help support them. As for the two Super Bowl commercials, I loved them a lot and hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


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