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I am sorry I have not posted recently. I have been occupied with work and getting things organized. Days have merged together and this last week has sped by. My high school friend and future roommate, Lauren, just moved back into the DC area and has been staying with me. It has be a real pleasure having her around and hanging out. We have been going through Old Town and checking out a few resturants like Flying Fish, Bugsy’s Pizza, Murphy’s, South China, and Light Horse. Also just showing her all the sights and changes since she left the area back in 2005. Since she rarely goes out and views any new movies, we went and saw the Hobbit and her face was just priceless and full of joy, it will be great living with her and showing her all the wonderful movies she has missed. On top of hanging out with Lauren we have also chilled with Jarreau and Naeroby at a party Naeroby was throwing at her apartment for her boyfriends birthday. I am excited and proud to say that within the first week she has been back, she applied and was hired by a great job in DC and she is excited. The weeks before her arrival things were hectet, however now that she is here everything for both of us has been coming together nicely. Anyways the next thing to do is to is to find an apartment and get squared away. Once things get settled I will finish the four posts I am currently working on and might try and get one out by Wednesday.


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