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The Universe

I always enjoy these videos not only because it helps explain scientific content in such a way for everyone to understand, but also because it lets me show it to my friends so they can understand more and learn. I have always enjoyed learning, particularly in the fields of astronomy and physics. I have self taught my self some of these concepts myself through reading books and asking questions. At times these concepts are hard to decipher from text into an image in your mind but these videos do a great job at showcasing and making everything relate-able and visual. This is the real reason why YouTube was created, to share knowledge and get ones ideas and stories in a visual format out to anyone. I already know a lot of these concepts and theories, however seeing them in this way does teach me more and helps me visualize it. Plus it doesn’t hurt to learn more and there is plenty I still don’t know but hope to learn. I commend the channel Minute Physics for their great job and very creative method of teaching others.


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