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The Oscars

Last night we watched the Oscars and drinking some beer. Seth McFarland was hosting and two things came to my mind. The first being why is Seth McFarland hosting and not Neil Patrick Harris. The second was why did the Avengers only have one nomination.

Seth McFarland is a funny guy but he has a certain type of humor which I don’t think should have belonged at the Oscars. He had a few funny jokes but others just shouldn’t have been there. He wasn’t the worst host but he wasn’t the best host either. When thinking of hosts that would do a better job my mind jumped to one name in an instant, Neil Patrick Harris. NPH did a wonderful job hosting the Tony’s three separate times. Well after searching on the internet I found an interview NPH did recently and he states that he does not want to host the Oscars. This was a surprise to me because I would think it would be a great honor but after reading more I understand why. The Oscars is full of campaigning and bad mouthing movies and actors so that other movies can be nominated and awarded. This is a great injustice to story telling and makes me sick. After reading that it also made more sense why the Avengers wasn’t up for more awards.

The Avengers has grossed over $1.5 Billion worldwide making it one of the tops movies of all time. Personally I would have liked to see Avengers nominated for best adapted screenplay since its basted off comic books as well as Joss Whedon having to combine so many characters and persona’s together. I would have also liked to see it for best director since Joss is a master at making so many strong people work well in a single movie and best visual effects. Maybe Avengers 2 will have more nominations and awards.

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