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Recently the Simpsons, my beloved and favorite show of all time, has been making me upset and disappointed. Since about season 10 the quality of the show has gone down. However within the last 5 seasons I will say it has really sunk quickly and I don’t know how much longer they can keep it up. Last Sunday’s episode featured an opening scene of the Simpsons doing the Harlem Shake, A fad that has really gone way overboard allowing people to go full retard for a minute. I was highly disappointed in this move trying to lure in with the new and hip thing but the Simpsons for a longtime lead the way.

The Simpsons should really go back to some of the classic themes and focus on that for the next season to hopefully revamp and bring back the devoted/disappointed followers. Personally I think there are three things that can be done to bring it back: Simpsons travel, Have the Simpsons travel again to New Zealand, Finland, India, Detroit… (plenty of jokes and wonders to explore); Homer’s jobs, there are plenty of more jobs Homer can do such as Firefighter, game programer, comic book critic, stunt double; Mother – Son and Daughters – Father, the family connection and troubles episodes are by far some of the best and really connect with its viewers so creating another Homer and Lisa moment would be awesome since we haven’t seen a good one for a while.


I do like one current aspect of the Simpsons and that is the connections between episodes and the game Simpsons : Tapped Out. I personally have a love hate relationship with this game. I recently have been having to deal with the “Harp of Death” which gets annoying but EA has been getting the upper hand with the connection issues. Otherwise when Tapped Out works it is really fun and sucks you in. I really enjoy the humor and jokes which has a nice Swartzwelder feel at times. The game also incorporates current episodes in to new content as well as old and classic moments. I would highly recommend the game to friends, even with the occasional connection issue, it is addicting and fun with new content regularly. I would love to see them release the Stonecutters headquarters, Lenny and Carl, Sideshow Bob, Gil, Agnes Skinner, Millhouse’s parents, Herman, Herman’s Arms and weapons, Patty and Selma, and the Springfield Isotopes Stadium.

I will always love the classic Simpsons!










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