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In Search of a Home

I have recently been trying to find a place to live. I have been applying mainly to apartment complexes since that is where the most openings are but I keep on getting denied. I understand why places don’t accept felons but it should be more so based off the circumstances along with the punishment that went along with it. As soon as it pops up as a felony everyone says no! It’s not like I use drugs or shoot people…. But that is the punishment I guess. I dunno how others do it. I have been trying to fid a reliable roommate that can help me and give me a stable place to live but haven’t been able to find anyone. So far with application fees and admin fees I had lost over 2500$ for no reason. It is starting to get annoying.

My new plan is to just wait and save. I can save almost $1500 a month and ill put that away aggressively so I can eventually buy a house. If I purchase a house it will be easier because the mortgage would be about the cost of rent and I can rent out the rooms to cover that. Time is my friend for now… And if anyone wants to be my roommate let me know. I am very clean and easy to live with… Lol just ask around.


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