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My best friend is EQUAL!

This past week the Supreme Court had two cases in front of them involving gay marriage. Prop 8 is California’s ban on gay marriage and the other case is if the federal government recognizes gay marriage so that partners can share benefits. We have to wait till June for a ruling when the sessions is over and many people would like to see the justices have a sweeping decision. After reading a lot of the comments and questions the justices asked I believe they are trying to avoid the sweeping decision and instead focus on the cases at hand.

One of my best friends is a lesbian and I want to see her happy and marry the person she loves. She is a normal woman who is sweet and caring and loves to play sports but also can be a real girl at times. There are a lot of people close to her that do not support her life or believe its morally right which I understand but then again I don’t. America should be the home of the free and land of the brave but many people are using one argument that goes against a lot of what the constitution and bill of rights protect. The argument is that in the Bible that being gay is wrong and that God does not approve. Well that is fine if you want to believe that however there are many religions, beliefs, and moralities of this countries people that you can not us the argument of ones persons religion to base law over someone else. Church and State are supposed to be separate and this includes making laws that are religiously motivated to single out a group in persecution. The true argument should be are gay people equal to us and should have the same freedoms as other married couples or are they not good enough?

Gay people should be allowed to be married for several reasons but the main reason is because they want to be happy and we allow the pursuit of happiness. They will have families and children and those children will be supported by their parents. Letting them marry will not damage the meaning of marriage because the meaning of marriage is to be with someone you love and have a family. Plenty of children grow up just fine with gay parents and many children would like to just have parents no matter if they are gay or not.

I wish the justices would just make the sweeping decision many of us want because then we can focus on many other issues like guns and violence and economy. If they don’t that will not end the fight these people are putting on. Every day people are looking past their own morals and beliefs and focusing on should everyone be equal and have a voice and be happy. I want to see my best friend happy and married one day and I will help any way I can to see it happen if not today then tomorrow.

My last thought is if you are against it due to religious beliefs then let me ask you two things…. What says your religion is more true and correct than someone else? Why are you trying to be God and judging and punishing others? Let people make their own decision and face God for forgiveness if there is one.


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