Alexandria, Awake, DC, Doris


Well it’s another month and not much to update on. I have been keeping up my dailies in World of Warcraft and close to 5000 dailies completed. I have primarily been working on reputation grinding for a few hard factions to give me something to look forward too. I have been enjoying the ‘looking for raid’ function and have really been doing more current stuff than in the last.

Work has been going well and just been going to work everyday and sending out tons of documents. A very interesting recent find was correspondence the archives team found talking about the first Airplanes to the President of the United States. Otherwise just getting myself mentally prepared for Fall classes. I think I am going to take some office administration classes and maybe look into a degree with that as well for work since I think I will be with this company for a while.


Personally I have been trying to save money so I can get a new computer and maybe look into a newish truck for my birthday. Carmax has some decent F150s for about $20,000 with about 50-70k miles so that is something to consider. Also I started setting up events for guys nights out to do some different stuff to chill with the guys however its hard to get anyone to show up but that’s what sucks about being a grown up.

Anyways that is my quarterly update! (LoL)


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